Python Autumn School 2010

Our next school for Advanced Programming in Python will take place in Trento, Italy on October 4th-8th, 2010. Application deadline: August 31st, 2010. Bellow will you find the detailed program:

Day 0 — Software Carpentry & Advanced Python

  • Documenting code and using version control
  • Object-oriented programming, design patterns, and agile programming
  • Exception handling, lambdas, decorators, context managers, metaclasses

Day 1 — Software Carpentry

  • Test-driven development, unit testing & Quality Assurance
  • Debugging, profiling and benchmarking techniques
  • Data serialization: from pickle to databases

Day 2 — Scientific Tools for Python

  • Advanced NumPy
  • The Quest for Speed (intro): Interfacing to C
  • Programming project

Day 3 — The Quest for Speed

  • Writing parallel applications in Python
  • When parallelization does not help: the starving CPUs problem
  • Programming project

Day 4 — Practical Software Development

  • Efficient programming in teams
  • Programming project
  • The Pac-Man Tournament

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