I obtained a PhD from Humboldt University of Berlin, after which I worked as a staff scientist for a major public research center (CNRS). My research was at the interface between biophysics, neuroscience and machine learning.

For more information see my CV, the list of my publications and attended meetings.


I have used Python language in wide range of problems: from automating tasks such as podcast syncing to simulation of biology-inspired neural networks. I use Python also for teaching.

I am the project lead of three Open Source projects:

  • SpikeSort – spike sorting library in Python
  • svg_utils – SVG manipulation and figure composition library
  • NeuronEAP – Python library for simulating electric fields of the brain

I have contributed to many other projects including:

  • sumatra – electronic labbook
  • Elephant – analysis of neuronal data
  • Biopython – a set of tools for biological computation and sequence analysis
  • matplotlib – scientific plotting library
  • numpy – efficient array manipulations in Python