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Journal articles:

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Book chapters:

  • B Teleńczuk, A Destexhe, Local field potential, relationship to unit activity,  in Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience, Springer, 2015 (full text)
  • AP Davison, M Mattioni, D Samarkanov, B Teleńczuk, Sumatra: A Toolkit for Reproducible Research in Implementing Reproducible Research ed. Victoria Stodden, Friedrich Leisch, Roger D. Peng (pdf)



  • B Telenczuk, Crossing the scales – from microscopic neuronal dynamics to macroscopic brain activity , PhD thesis (supervised by: Gabriel Curio, Andreas Herz and Richard Kempter), Berlin, 2011 (abstract, pdf)

Conference proceedings:

  • B Telenczuk, M Latka, Wavelet-based elimination of muscle-induced artifacts from ECG signals (in Polish), Proceedings of IV Conference on Methods and Computer Systems in Science and Engineering, Krakow, 2003
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