Models of Neural Systems WS09/10

Lecture: Richard Kempter

Tutorial: Jakob Heinzle and Jan-Hendrik Schleimer

Computer Practical: Robert Schmidt and Bartosz Telenczuk

Place: Computer Pool — BCCN building

Time: Mondays, 16:00 – 18:00 hr

Module Website:



  • Project 1 – phase oscillators (supervised by B. Telenczuk)
  • Project 2 – synfire chains (supervised by B. Telenczuk)
  • Project 3 – spike-timing-dependent plasticity (supervised by B. Telenczuk)
  • Project 4 – adaptive exponential integrate-and-fire model (supervised by B. Telenczuk)
  • Project 5 – reward-related learning in animals (supervised by R. Schmidt)
  • Project 6 – temporal Pattern Learning (supervised by R. Schmidt)
  • Project 7 – stochastic ion channels (supervised by R. Schmidt)
  • Project 8 – complex cells tuned to disparity (supervised by R. Schmidt)

Additional materials:

Some tips about using pyreport to generate reports of your solutions.

A module with helper functions used for some of the exercises.

A template for preparing project reports: TeX, PDF

pyReport tips and tricks


Hodgkin, Huxley, J Physiol, 1952, URL


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